Powerful Ways of Thinking

My principle, v0.1

Powerful Ways of Thinking:

Emphasize the meaningful and hide the meaningless

See the world as
comprehensible, not mysterious
malleable, not fixed

Use abstraction to make the complex simple, but never deceptively or impenetrably so, and never make the simple complex

Define notation that balances elegant orthogonality with practical readability

Are defined not by dogma but by goals and methodologies that lead to knowledge

Conform to neither the workings of the machine nor the naiveté of the human

Must be discovered, taught, and practiced; they are not intuitive

Permit objective comparisons and contrasts on which arguments may be based

Build diverse and meritocratic communities that grow the best creations and prune the worst

Provide large rewards in the long-term, often at the cost of short-term loss

Are a vision of what should be, not of what already exists

Define their own limits; they do not pretend to be universally or perpetually valid

Technologies and institutions must selectively promote powerful ways of thinking.


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